30 April 2007

What I've learned so far

Here's a snippet from Wikinomics, which I'm reading in order to be more compelling in my daily life.
I've learned that companies need to open up and share. That's basic. But here's 5 points that make it make sense :
-"[Allowing people to get into your company's guts creates] the rapid diffusion of best-practice techniques and standards;
-the stimulation of new technological hybrids and recombinations
-the availablity of 'just in time' expertise and increasingly powerful tools for conducting research;
-faster positve feeback cycles from public knowledge to private enterprise, enabled by more nimble industry-university networks;
-and increasingly horizontal and distributed models of research and innovation, including greater openness of scientific konowledge, tools and networks" (page 156)

People want to be involved with your company's product-- the authors of Wikinomics remind us that:
"there are systems of value other than, or in addition to, money, that are very important to people: connecting with other people, creating an online identity, expressing oneself--and not least, garnering other people's attention." That is, if you want them to volunteer their time to make your product/offering better for all, give them credit, at least. (page 206)

Ill report more findings as I find them.

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