22 January 2008

Clickable TV, the inevitable is here

I knew this would happen. We just gotta make a remote that, like the Wii remote, replaces the mouse. No one wants to have a mouse pad on their coffee table.

08 January 2008

It should all be CRM from here on out...

I Just read this on Beyond Madison Avenue. Wanted to keep it here. I think this is a good insight. Advertisers need to take all that leftover TV money and reinvest it into the customers. Then they'll say, it's awesome to own a Volvo, they took all that bullshit money they spent on TV ads and turned it into an extended warranty, free oil changes, or free roadside assistance for me, a current customer. I'll be glad to share this experience with friends and websites.

That is, have you ever asked a car owner what they think of the commercials for the car they currently own? Or did you ask them, perhaps, what they think of the car they own?

03 January 2008

Kudos to Hershey's

In this era of product placement, especially in reality TV "challenges" it can get disgusting. But last night on Project Runway (look she made me watch it) I was disgusted, but respectful. They unleashed the designers in the Hershey's store in Times Square. Inside, there was nary an inch without a logo of Twizzlers, Hershey's, Reese's, etc. So the designers made dresses from logos or, in one case, actual Twizzlers I just think that it's smart. Its not compelling content. Fo' sure. But, if you're gonna do a gimmicky product focused challenge on a reality show, you might as well get as many impressions as you can. So good call Hershey's.