09 April 2007

Award Shows are Relevant, dammit.

If your in advertising, you've chimed in at least once about Award Shows and their importance. I think that they are important and here's why. This year's Andy Awards has recognized an important campaign, Pontiac's Motorati in Second Life. So, jurors like Mark Tutssel, Ty Montague, Pete Favat, and Andrew Keller have awarded this campain an Andy for its creativity. So, stay with me. IF these CD's recognize this type of new marketing, they will in turn relay this to their staff. And, as creatives do, those who study the awards annuals see this, they will also recognize it as well. THEN, they would put things like Second Life and social networks and etc, in their arsenal of work to present to clients. Eventually, more clients will buy into this as a viable media, and it will get the necessary funding to expand towards its capability. See how that works? So, love awards shows, because they foster creative growth.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the nice boost for our Motorati campaign. I wrote a piece for the Cannes issue of Boards last year decrying the effect of awards shows on the new immersive marketing. Kinda saying the same thing from a more pessimistic point of view:


    Steve Wax


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