27 March 2008

Raconteurs website

The closest thing to analog on the web. Makes me wanna play Oregon Trail, or use the turtle to draw a city. Awesome.

24 March 2008

NY 1, the first to Digg into news filtering

NY 1 invented Digg. They have a daily feature, been done for years, about what's In The Papers. So, I think that sounds like a Digg, in that they read through the papers, filter out what they think is newsworthy and then pass that on to the viewers. It (was) really ingenius. the papers get proper credit, and a story gets passed along, word-of-mouth (Pat Kiernan) and gets double the press, double the im-press-ions.

10 March 2008

Just a note

Japanese movers have to keep taking off their shoes, right?