04 June 2007

48 Hour Project Dry Run

So we practiced making a movie or the 48 Hour Project (June 15-17). It's hard. But we followed the rules and started with pulling "Superhero" out of a paper bag full of genres. It was tough, but we're a scrappy, rag-tag band of misfits, and we just might pull it together for the big game. Its not compelling content, I just want to put it out there. Cheers to "This Team Is Not Yet Rated"

01 June 2007

Award Shows are relevant, dammit! Volume 4.

Look, I don't want to be the guy who's all about awards, I just keep stumbling opon this stuff--sorry. But alas, via 9:01am, found out that the Emmy's have stepped up and welcomed broadband programming into its pool of contestants. This is like the first person to ever scream to a crowd, "hey guys, electricity is great, you know?" and the crowd cheers back, "here here! three cheers for electricity!"
But it's promising, because they're on to something with their criteria:“With broadband, the scope is global, the concept universal, and the community, all-inclusive. The amateur is the professional is the consumer. From the small screen to the smaller screen, NBC to MySpace, on television and online, the only differentiation worth making is good content from bad,” said Christie Morrongiello, Manager Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, NATAS.
Well put Christie, good content is compelling content. and its the only thing that will survive when broadband and tv are the same thing.