01 May 2007

Because sponsorship works sometimes

Just stumbled upon QDNow, it's a site that hosts 5 different quick and dirty (currently audio) podcasts. The most famous of which is Grammar Girl. The CONTENT part is that this is very useful, very digestable podcasts about interesting things, e.g. Money, Law, Manners and Second Life (I know, it's different). The COMPELLING part is that I am totally (surprisingly) willing to listen to a :30 endorsement of the sponsor at the beginning of the podcast. If this were a preroll ad on a youtube video, or a movie trailer I'd kindly tell the sponsor to suck it, and not watch the video, not enough interest to suffer for it. But with Grammar Girl and Law Lad, the content is so useful and diverse, I am more than glad to hear an ad message. And thats how it should be, people. Give us useful, free, interesting stuff, and we'll hear your pitch. Easy.

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  1. you are so right - somehow, grammar girl always manages to make her advertising relevant and even educational. they are a terrific site and loads of fun. thanks for spreading the word!


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