30 March 2007

We're all experts, really, we are.

I'm reading this book. I have a little snippet for you: "...as a growing number of firms see the benefits of mass collaboration, this new way of organizing will eventually displace the traditional corporate structures as the economy's primary engine of wealth creation." So, Viacom, so old model business, open up your content and let us help you, or witness your own demise.

San Franwheresco?

I went to a NextNY event recently. And it was good, real good. People, New York is where the tech wave is brewing. There are so many minds in this city, and it seems they're all up to date.
You should check this group out, cause it might make ya rich. BTW, they have both a blog and a wiki. I think that wiki's in any shape or form are useful to community (Wow, what a profound statement, Tony!)

29 March 2007

Justin.tv is the logical next step

So Justin, how was your day? Don't answer that, I'll get the highlights from the viewers. So we've come to a point beyond everyone's 15 minutes on to 10 plus days of fame now. Justin strapped a camera to his head, and he's been on .tv ever since. Think about all the product placement! Although not compelling, I found myself giving Justin about 12 minutes of watching him on a couch talking to some girl. It will be interesting to see how/if this blows up.

27 March 2007

Drew, thank you for saying what we've all been thinking, in the Dub Style.
This is a video by the author of ToothpasteForDinner, a dangerously addictive web comic. He and his woman Natalie Dee, live in Columbus, the creative center of America. The point is I keep coming back. And so should you.

26 March 2007


Who is Ze Frank? I should look into him, because he's one of Creativity's top 50. It seems he's all content. That's awesome

25 March 2007

Welcome to Compelling Content

This is Compelling Content. I hope (instead of tapering my interest) to build an evolving collection of marketing that works. Anymore, an ad is not enough. Consumers need to be engaged, whether its a fun site e.g. Monk-E-Mail, or independent content like Bud.tv. If its done right, marketers win my attention, and that's compelling content.

He's got the idea. Not the money, but the idea

It seems the creator of Sudoku missed out on all the royalties to be gleened from the American market. But his comments show that being happy to provide content to users is of greater value than dollars. That's the future people.