16 April 2007

Second Life is not washed up

They say its losing steam. The problem is that the community doesn't take kindly to transplanted marketing. That is, when a company just puts up billboards in SL and doesn't really offer any incentive for visiting its island--then nobody visits. Btw, this rant is inspired.
One attempt was by Nissan who let Avatars play with remote controlled cars on its island. The problem is that you can't take it with you. Why not? I should be able to keep the remote controlled car and drive it around any other islands. That way, when other avatars see it they can say "hey I want one," and I'll say, go to Nissan island, they're giving em away." Also, every time one of those cars bumps into someone, that's data... the car can report who interacted with it, who is where at what time...but alas this is not the case, it lives on the Nissan island, and no one cares. Marketers can harness Second Life if they stop trying to recreate real world campaigns that don't offer utility. Utility. Look it up.

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