27 January 2009

If they're shorter, i think ill actually watch em

So Miller High Life is doing 30 1 second ads during the superbowl. The premise revolves around the well known price for a TV ad on the superbowl. "3 Million dollars? that's a hundred grand a second! If high life had a spot, all we'd need is a second..."

It's so true. You need a logo and a smile, that's it (at least with beer you do).

But what's more interesting is that since it's so quick, I will STOP MY DVR to watch it. When I'm fast forwarding commercials, a one second commercial will look like blip... a very intriguing blip. That's compelling content. A spot (which is not usually compelling content) which is specific to the modern media it's on, recognizes the bloated spending and messaging in tradvertising, and takes it on, head on.

We need more campaigns that recognize the DVR user. I propose a slow motion spot, viewed best in fast motion...1, 2, or 3 triangles fast.

05 January 2009

Social Search might give brands the data to improve

If we could search and organize the data in peoples Facebook pages, we'd find the greatest wealth of info. Customer surveys are already filled out, we just match the question (this is the search part.) Got to thinking after reading this JaffeJuice article. Then we could pass this info along to the relevant marketers. Then they would have the empirical proof that they need to improve customer service, or else suffer potential wildfire of dissent:

E.g. Hey American Airlines, 37 people complained about you (like, Tony Jones, per se) in the last hour on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. We won't say who, where or when. Just know they're out there. Oh, and these 37 people are connected to 12, 367 other people. By the way.