26 March 2009

Maybe Cookies aren't so bad?

Yesterday I was browsing for men's wedding rings (I'm not cheap, these were just for style). So this morning during my routine checks of certain blogs, cartoons, news stuff, (it's all very OCD) And sure enough the rings I looked at were there, sparkling in a banner ad, ready for me to click and resume my search. I'm sure this is not excting to anyone, since this technology dates back to the early 90's. But it affected me today, and I found it to be compelling content in the simplest form.

19 March 2009

Telling stories over time — and space.

There's something really exciting about this article that Keith Hernandez tweeted. Does this mean that an "episode" of The Office could last all day? Just broken into little parts? Maybe no need to Tivo shit anymore...because you get little snippets all day.

But overall it's great for books. What if a book only gave you a new chapter or a new paragraph when your near something in the context? Like...when you're near a plant, then you get to read the part about the garden? It could make for a richer experience. But then again, why add to the basic beauty of words alone? Need to think about this more.

18 March 2009

Wow. Not really subtle.

Ok, I'm sure I'm not the first out there to notice this. I'm sure it's old news. But since I'm the only one who reads this blog, consider it my official comment - however late.

Hershey's must've gone to their agency and said "we want a happiness factory" Then the agency said, coming right up. Hopefully there was some pushback, but in the end it's way too similar. But coke did it better and first.

now the original

neither are examples of compelling content, but at least one is original.