09 April 2007

Purina knows pet owners

The team at Purina is tapping into a market of fanatics (as pet owners tend to be) by providing more content. If I had a dog, I would listen to Snouts in Your Town to find out about dog events and places in NYC. If I had a new puppy, I would listen to Complete Puppy care. All podcasts have the Purina logo, but only some are produced by Purina. They looked around and found people who already have the passion and the podcast, and hired them. Its so freaking obvious--this works in tech, advertising, sports, and any other interest that relies on passion to be interesting. This is a good example of how opening dialogue with consumers creates more, richer, relevant content. Compelling content, if you will. And yes, you will. The only problem is the podcasts aren't on the front page, where they should be, but rather found here.

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