16 April 2007

This might work

So, I watched some Joost this weekend. Some of the shows didn't work, but hey, it's beta. But the programs I did see were high quality video and good production value (storyline, etc.). But who's paying for it? Garnier (shampoo people) are responsible for Fight TV, as far as I can tell. They had a "brought to you by Garnier " CG at the beginning, and then the show started. Now, one problem is that shampoo and fighting don't match, so I wasn't compelled by the sponsorship. And, there was a commercial break in the middle of the show. Only one :30 spot. So I think this might work--it was too short to fast forward through, just long enough for me to get the message. So I think that's how it should go--one sponsor, one commercial--no harm done. Let's just hope that the sponsor to content relationship is a little more understandable in the future, ok Joost?

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