11 April 2007

Big Media and Social Media in one? Oh, boy.

Via the MIT Convergance Culture Consortium (Pete, you probably know this site). I found a strong effort by NBC to be cool.
So what they've done is create a platform for fans to talk about NBC's content. Still not to where we should be, according to Tapscott and Williams. But, they get something: that people want to talk about this content, and that NBC should host it. What's missing is the ability to mash up your own The Office highlight reel, or to link your OWN blog to the site (currently only NBC blogs are there). If they want people to get really involved, they have to open up their content more. I think it won't take off. If people have to have a seperate profile that lives only amongst the NBC network, then they won't want to have to fill out another form. Also, Im going to guess (with 99% accuracy) that they will screen posts--effectively dashing any hopes of truly fruitful dialogue between NBC and fans.

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  1. NBC also has presence on Youtube. I bet they get more hits to their content on Youtube than they do on their own site.


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