02 May 2007

ThoughtEquity will help us be better

I'm interested in this business model. Stock video will be quite helpful to creative presentations at ad agencies. And as we work out the kinks of trying to put :30 spots on the internet, and work towards more useful time parameters (:10 spots, or 2 min content heavy messages, perhaps?), having a wealth of videos clip together will move us forward as advertisers. This itself is not compelling conent, but it is a means to which we can create compelling content.
I met some of the crew from TE last night, I asked them if they fund shoots, and they said that's next. Right now they're trying to gain stock and sell the idea. Also, I think its cool that they have National Geographic, HBO and the NCAA on their roster. This is a possible stream for organizing and distributing the millions and millions of hours of useful footage out there.

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