21 May 2007

Reviving the Phone

So I saw an ad for the MTV Movie Awards on the side of a phone booth. It read, for a good time call 1-877-SARAH-07. With Sarah Silverman in the picture. Brilliant.
How many times do we advertisers ask people to txt "bllsht" to 4553? Or to check out this website.com, next time your at a computer, ok?
No, this ad reminds us that phones are in all our pockets, and that a phone number is still useful. Oh, and it was entertaining. Sarah Silverman is so freaking funny. I called 6 times to hear all the different messages. Anyway, its compelling content because I got to be entertained walking down the street for a free call, and I got a message to watch the MTV movie awards, which I might do because, again, Sarah is so freaking funny.
My complaint: Why couldn't I find an image of the poster online? That's called impressions people, and the more you make available said impressions for distribution the more you get. Is it that hard?

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