10 May 2007

Award Shows are relevant, dammit! Volume Three

So I went to the one show last night. And I was getting really mad, because on top of the 30 or 40 pencils TBWA\Chiat\Day NY took home, I thought they were going to give best in show to the same set of ads.
But alas, One Show, you've shown me that you can honor good advertising. Skittles and Combos are great, I mean great commercials. But the Best of Show award went to
"Tate Tracks" for the Tate Modern Museum, by Fallon London. Phew, that was close. I'm so glad it won. They asked musicians to come to the museum, pick a piece and write a song about it. In order to hear the music, you had to go to the museum and stand in front of the piece. The important thing is that people who came were truly interested, truly compelled, and exactly the target. No sweepstakes, no tv commercials, just Compelling Content at its best.
FYI: Volume 1, Volume 2

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