05 February 2009

This is awesome, but only in select Metropoli

So I can see this app working well in combination with Twitter--A twitter map with all my buddies, I can click on the map, their profile pops up with their latest Twits.
I could see this working well with Flickr. Same map, but with live pics.

The thing is, you need to be in a place, a geographically small city, where people are moving around, it seems only perfect for bar hoppers. Or bike messengers. If people aren't moving every few hours, why check their location? We'll see.

But what I WANT to see this working well with are live branded events. "Sometime today, somewhere in Manhattan, we will giving away free [INSERT PRODUCT HERE]. Watch your map." The map can be on the product home page. The guy who has the van full of free shit can "turn on" his location for 15 min then shut it off... It's an instant mad rush to the area, you can see how many users are there. FINALLY we can measure giveaways, product demos and events. It's a hotbed for compelling content of all sorts.

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