04 February 2009

Whoa Fella, one too many questions

I liked the look of LivingSocial but they're asking too many questions to get started. It's a site where you list the consumed culture in your life and it helps you build on that. Great idea. E.g. list all the books you've read and are reading and want to read. Then you're linked to all others by that data. TV shows, movies, restaurants. Great.
But to get started you have to fill in all the data. Much more time consuming than starting a facebook page.

Oh, and it's a facebook app. But it's not. It's a separate page. It has the facebook link at the top, but so does my browser. Note the pictures to the right and below.

It's definitely compelling content. It's a place for advertisers to get SOOOO specific. And it's a useful kind of specific. If they know I love Scorsese movies, they may remind me about Raging Bull, which reminds me, I still haven't seen that. But my buddies have. Perhaps I'll buy it right here!

Better yet, maybe my Blockbuster delivery account could have a say in influencing me?

I might be jumping to conclusions here. I'll do more research and get back to me.

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