08 July 2009

Convenient, yes. Fair, no.

I'm really happy for the team that created this Exit Strategy NYC app. It tells you which car to get into so that you can get out of your destination station faster. Firstly, Exit Strategy Team, get out of my head! This kind of meticulus commuting is meant for one's own neurosis, not for public consumption. But also, this will flood the second to last car on the Downtown 4/5 between 59th and Grand Central. It took me 2 years to find that exact door/car, and I think others should have to learn the hard way. It's a perk of experience. But I guess it's still pretty great, I hope they get rich. It's compelling content, as soon as a brand attaches itself to the app. Perhaps its a watch company? Weak, but ill keep thinking about it. And I'll start using the app, too.

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