17 April 2009

Repeat visits, repeat minutes spent. Good stuff.

Cup Noodle. Look out for this in next years awards shows...after the data of time spent is released. Guaranteed winner. So this is true Compelling Content. Simply grab one of the 3 noodle flavors and add to the pile. You have to sign in to do it, so they're collecting data and emails. That's good. But also, you can see the other users (in the pic to the right it's clear there are about 15 others adding Cups to the Noodle stack) And you kinda have to wait your turn to add it. If out release at the wrong time, it plummets to earth. Tabs are kept of how many cup noodles you've added, and there are levels, apparently (since I just received bronze). The map is real, a la google earth. And the heights are real too. You can see the levels building on the right and you can look forward to new levels revealed. It's a team thing. I can't stop coming back. It's an everyday thing. That's true compelling content. One thing lacking is the motivation to share this with others. It seems to be a solo habit.

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